Good Vibrations - Ride Two - Day Five - Hope Ride 19

After yesterday’s sad post describing how my day ended in a ball of cramps, I thought it best to update you as to the efficacy of your prayers. Many of you prayed for me, and for us last night and today I suffered no ill effects on the bike and the team enjoyed a day that left us all smiling – in spite of a 90-minute border delay that interrupted he happy proceedings. 

The border incident was made particularly interesting for the truck driver who left his truck blocking the one lane Groblers Bridge between South Africa and Botswana. When I said “left his truck” I mean just that – he disappeared for about forty-five minutes causing a traffic jam in two nations that was almost cartoonish. We (the team) let Jacques muster the police, or border control, or whoever they were… while we gathered around our rig and snacked on Pringles and Snickers bars (don’t judge) like guests at a lawn party. The truck driver returned… completely oblivious to the chaos the ensued. Before long we were over the bridge, suddenly under the direction of the local constabulary, and we rolled out our last forty-three miles to complete our century. 

I felt great today. Something beyond me fortified me. I certainly wasn’t Superman, but if felt good to roll with the team for 100 miles in a headwind at 19 mph with an average heart rate of 113. I found breath and fresh strength and wondered at the mercy of God that has so deeply touched my life. Today was a good day. Moon, Brian, John, and Jeff shared the good vibrations and we were having fun, fun, fun… (whoops- beach boys songs in my head all day long… what was that about?) But I digress… 

There is strength of no human origin… strength God gives for the asking. It is not the sole domain of those who engage in missionary endeavors, or find themselves in desperate straits, though desperate straits often remind us of the greatness of our need. God’s strength comes when we love Him, and trust Him, and seek Him, and ask. Isaiah said that those who wait on the Lord renew their strength and “mount up with wings as eagles.” Eagles weren’t designed so much for the earth, but for the skies. We were made to live and move in God’s favor, provision, and power. That power turns the tables on calamity, turns the lights on in our darkest rooms, turns our mourning into dancing and sorrows to joy. 

The skeptic may argue that our day was nothing more than favorable temperatures, moderate winds, a good night’s sleep, good drafting, proper fueling, and managed effort… but the skeptic isn’t living in my skin, seeing what I see, feeling the depth of my joy, or sharing the peace that passes (bypasses at times) all understanding. I don’t despise their skepticism but pray that faith will find them – as it did me. As for me, I’ll give the glory to God… (He deserves it all anyway).

Tomorrow we are off the grid in the Chobe Wildlife Reserve. It will probably be 48 hours before I’ll be able to write again.  From Jacques van Bommel, Jeff Burke, Brian Pierce, Matt Rand, Kevin Currie, Moonhyun Choi, John Davenport, Luke Thompson, and yours truly, all is well.