The Team


David crabtree

Greensboro, NC. Founder and Director of Hope Ride.  Lead Pastor of Calvary Church Greensboro.
Hope rides "because we can".

Jeff Burke

Health and Well Being Director at Nationwide Insurance Co.
Hope rides "for the children".

Brian Pierce

Greensboro, NC. Coach, E3 Endurance, Retired Navy Seal.
Hope rides "to help others".

Kevin Currie

Greensboro, NC.  Real Estate Sales.
Hope rides "to serve and contribute".

matt rand

Greensboro, NC.  Facilities Manager, Calvary Church.
Hope rides "to go and serve".


Randy elliot

Greensboro, NC.  V.P. Landmark Construction.
Hope rides "to bring water and hope to the kids of Zambia".

moonhyun choi

Greensboro, NC. Pastor, Teacher, Missionary.
Hope Rides "to bring God's hope to kids".

John Davenport

Winston Salem, NC. Founder and President of DAVENPORT, an engineering services company.
Hope rides "to live a life of missions"

Nathaniel Evans

Greensboro, NC. Warehouseman.
Hope rides "to bring the hope of Christ to the world".

Luke Thompson

Greensboro, NC.  Filmmaker and Photographer; Canopy Visual.
Hope rides "to capture the journey".